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Site Update Log

Below we log the major additions or modifications to our website in chronological decending order.

Most importantly we list here the addition or modification of our Resources.
This enables our users to check if there is a later version since it was previously used.

For any queries or comments please use the Contact Us page.


February 2019

Slides added

Leaving the Solar System Series
Sense of Scale (v. 1.0)
Multiple Systems (v. 1.0)
Mass, Luminosity, Colour (v. 1.1)
Spectroscopy (v. 1.3)

December 2018

EBooks added

Magnitude & Distance (v 3.0)

November 2018

EBooks added

Stellar Evolution (v 3.0)

October 2018

EBooks added

Stellar Radiation (v 2.1)

September 2018

Slides added

Mars InDepth Series
Lecture 3 (v 1.0)
Lecture 4 (v 1.0)
Lecture 5 (v 1.0)

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