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Matariki is becoming more popular not only because it celebrates Māori culture, but also because it can bring all New Zealanders together around general values that are typically celebrated at midwinter.
It is a time of contemplation, looking back to the past and valuing one’s own ancestral background, giving thanks for everything accomplished during the past year and looking forward to the new year and the distant summer season with its promises. It is also a time of giving and sharing among whānau and community groups.
Multi Cultural diversity


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From 2022, Matariki will be a public holiday in New Zealand celebrated on a Monday or Friday close to the appropriate date according to Māori tikanga. We do hope that this will not only be a celebration of Te Ao Māori, as it must be, but also celebrates the rich multi-cultural diversity that New Zealand has. Ultimately it could be the celebration of being a member of a vibrant multi-cultural society, where we value and respect the diversity and colourfulness of different cultural heritage.

A modern revival based on the rich tikanga of the Tangata Whenua.









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